About Me

Hi! My name is Niels Dommerholt. I work as a Java Consultant for the awesome company JDriven. We’re a small group of experienced and driven Java developers who, through workshops, conferences, presentations and blogs try continuously improve themselves.

My Work

Via JDriven I’m contracted out to top companies in Holland; the Netherlands Forensic Institute, Philips and ING to name a few. At those companies my main focus is Java back-end development and most of the projects mainly involve the implementation of services, typically REST. Professionally I’ve used both Spring and Java EE but I have also dabbled in Vert.x, Grails and Spray.

When it comes to programming languages Java is my most trusted tool. JavaScript on the other hand is a must-know for any developer and most of my pet projects, as well as a few professional ones, use AngularJS on the front-end. I’ve also done quite a few Project Euler type challenges in Scala which made me very enthusiastic about functional programming. Last but not least I also enjoy writing short scripts in Python.

My current project at Yolt (a ING company) involves a 'state of the art' stack. We’re creating REST micro services for a mobile front-end. The services are Spring Boot based and packaged as Docker containers which then get deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. The build and deployment is fully automated too; allowing us to push new versions in minutes. We use Cassandra as a back-end. While there are some hurdles to take into account when using a non-relational datastore it is a great system and blazingly fast. Last but not least; our asynchronous number crunching is done via Spark and Kafka.

My Blog

For me Software Engineering is a hobby turned into a job. I however still like that hobby enough to go out and discover things on my own! For me the puzzle element, solving challenging problems, is the icing on the cake. Nothing really beats that Eureka moment! I also take pride in my trade; for me Software isn’t Software unless it’s proven correct and provides value.

I care enough about my trade to want to 'entertain and enlighten' others. The entertainment bit means that I aim to make what I write easy to digest. I prefer not to go into unnecessary details and I try to make my examples small and straightforward. I also really enjoy helping others, which is the main reason for me to write this blog. When I encounter hurdles or just little things that I enjoy to dabble with I often write about them. As an additional benefit this also forces me to actually finish my tasks!

Last year I was challenged by a colleague to send in one of my blog posts as a proposal for a Devoxx BE talk and got accepted, leading to me doing my first ever Devoxx talk in front of a large crowd.

Contacting Me

If you have any questions or remarks feel free to contact me. You can find links to my Github, Twitter and LinkedIn at the bottom. One small caveat for recruiters; while I don’t mind connecting with you at all at least please introduce yourself properly when you send a link request. I also encourage anyone to issue pull requests on the repositories if find a bug or spelling error! And if something in a repository is unclear feel free to raise an issue and I will answer it to the best of my ability.